Grammar Foundation Course for Kids

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Course Activities:

☑ Sentence Formation
☑ Nouns
☑ Subject & Predicate
☑ Verbs
☑ Conjunctions
☑ Articles
☑ Prepositions
☑ Tenses
☑ Degree of Comparison
☑ Voices

☑ Prayer, Keeping school bag & uniform organized
☑ Food & Hygiene Habits
☑ Reading and Writing

Fees: 2500(Online) & 3500 (Offline) | Duration: 1 Month

Grammar Foundation Course for Kids

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Boost Your Child’s Grammar Skills with an Engaging Course in Goa.

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My son Kirtiraj was always waiting for this class when the class will get started. In addition to improving, he has also become more interested in reading. Earlier he was not doing reading at all. He has also started bringing books from his school library to read. This full credit goes to Mrashant missal bhai. The way he was communicating with children, Kirtiraj has enjoyed this class. Thank you so much Habit 365 club and Prashant bhai.
Nishita Pai Raiker
Mrs. Nishita Pai Raiker

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