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Habits 365 Club is amazed and thankful to the MBA students of Goa Institute of Management for approaching / appreciating us & publishing an Article about Habits 365 Club.

Habits 365 club was founded by Mr. Prashant Missal, with a mission to develop a positive mindset by practicing daily habits in children. An educational organization based in Goa, India, that was founded on Children’s Day in 2021.

The innovation by the Habits 365 club was a simple yet essential idea aimed at inculcating imperative habits in young children, which are often neglected by parents in today’s busy world. Unlike other online educational platforms, here every student gets individual and personal attention. They are completely observed by the team and guided along. Read More…


Fun Phonics Workshop at Primary School Borim.
Habits Essential for Learning at Keshav Smruti High School,Vasco
Interview on Doordarshan
Workshop for Teachers on Habits for Learning.
Workshop For Teachers & Parents on Habits for Learning (Team BRC Salcete Goa )
Workshop For Teachers & Parents on Habits for Learning (Team Cancona )
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matruchaya Orphanage